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Made from a blend of young and old Pure Mission olives.

Oil Type: Delicate

This delicate oil is unique in that it is produced solely from Mission olives. With wonderful subtle notes of freshly cut grass, rich walnuts and red apple, its special fruity taste is achieved by growing our olives in the unique terroir of the Scherpenheuwel Valley, cold extracting the oil, and bottling it with minimal filtering. By doing so we give you the most natural olive oil possible.

This oil works wonders on Greek salads and fresh vegetables, where it adds a freshness and grassiness, without adding as much bitterness as more intense oils would. Similarly, the oil brings a natural depth to lean or creamy pastas, and goes well with ingredients like butter, garlic, chilli, and mushroom.

SA Olive Gold Medal
ABSA Top 10 Olive Oils in South Africa 2019


R120 (VAT incl.)