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Family Blend (3-Pack)

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As the name suggests, the Family Blend comprises of our family’s secret signature extra virgin olive oil blend which has become famous over the years for its fruity and fresh taste. While reimagined each year to reflect the best characteristics of a particular year’s harvest, those familiar with our oil will still be able to identify the unique taste that has made this blend so popular. Apply liberally to salads, use in basting sauces for steaks, stir into fresh pasta with garlic and chilli, or if you are like us, take a sip or two straight from the tap! This oil has a very fruity fragrance with notes of fresh green apple, lime, and guava. This fruitiness is balanced with bitterness and pungency to form the perfect representation of an extra virgin olive oil. We are proud to share this oil so that all can enjoy its great taste and experience the extraordinary health benefits it offers.

Oil Type: Medium

SA Olive Gold Medal 2018
SA Olive Silver Medal 2019

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Weight 3.03 kg
Dimensions 26.7 × 8.9 × 22.1 cm


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